I spent Tuesday and Wednesday kickin' it with a bunch of awesome feminist women in open stuff at Ada Camp DC.

The unconference structure and the Ada Initiative's inclusive definition of Open Stuff created this really rich mix of people and topics, ranging from a beginning python workshop to a session on fanvids. One workshop on soft circuits produced a patch of fabric with LEDs sewn in.

Speaking of fabric, the funny overlap between tech and yarn also made a strong showing--it seemed like every session I attended had at least one person knitting. As a few of us discussed at the con, the center of that particular Venn Diagram makes perfect sense to those of us who sit in it. Making knitting patterns is a lot like programming (what is it, after all, but a series of for loops and If statements?). Which makes actual knitting an adventure in compiling.

On Wednesday night, the Wikimedia Foundation (who was also AdaCamp's biggest sponsor--Thanks, Wikimedia!) invited us all to the Library of Congress to join the kick-off reception for Wikimania. The Library of Congress had a bunch of docents on hand to tell us about the neat features of the building, but my favorite part was the Librarians who were there to talk about the LOC's efforts to digitize and otherwise open up their collection, to get it in front of as many people as possible. Librarians are the best.

Also the best: the Ada Initiative and conference volunteers. I really appreciate the hard work they put in to make Ada Camp happen. And of course the sponsors (including Wikimedia, the Linux Foundation, Intel, Facebook, Red Hat, Collabora, and Yammer). It was a great conference, and I'm really glad I could be there.

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Posted on July 13, 2012 .