Jay Worrall's Sails On The Horizon

cover of Jay Worrall’s Sails On The HorizonI love a good Napoleonic Nautical tale--I devoured all the Hornblower books when I was younger--and SAILS ON THE HORIZON is a lesser-known gem of the genre. This book had me laughing practically from the moment I picked it up. The main character, Charles Edgemont, won me over the moment he started joking with his midshipmen in the lead-in to a ship action. Halfway through the book, there's a slyly arranged cameo that killed me dead. I knew at once I needed to get this book for my father, with whom I'd enjoyed many an episode of the Hornblower miniseries. Then there's Edgemont's Quaker love interest. I admit a pretty hefty bias towards books with Quakers in them, because hey, there aren't a lot of them. But nautical military fiction is just about the last place I would have looked for a main Quaker character. A Quaker himself, Worrall managed to fit the Society of Friends into his story without making them seem forced or out of place, nor making them one-dimensional mouthpieces for the author's anti-war sympathies.

The book also spends nearly as much time on land as he does at sea, which is unusual for a nautical, but it works. It's neat to see so much of Edgemont's life outside of his career.

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Posted on June 29, 2012 and filed under Books I Love.